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Financial Account Holds

If you have reached this site because funds in a financial account have been seized, please read below.

Craig Noack often serves as a court-appointed turnover receiver in Texas courts. This means that a judgment was rendered against someone designated as an owner of the financial account, and that the judgment creditor asked for the court to appoint a turnover receiver to ensure that the judgment is paid.  A turnover receiver acts on behalf of the court, does not represent either party to the litigation, and cannot provide legal advice.  While the turnover receiver does not provide notice to a defendant prior to enforcement, the defendant was served with the lawsuit by the creditor, and the court issued a notice when the judgment was rendered.  Because a judgment in Texas is valid for an initial period of ten years, these notices could have been sent months or years prior to enforcement.  The receiver is not involved in the litigation prior to his appointment.

To resolve the financial account seizure, please call our office at (210) 963-5733 during normal business hours, or you may email us at with your full name and call-back number.  Once your identity has been confirmed, an email will be sent to you with the relevant court documents and a link to a form that you may complete in order to explore resolution of the judgment. 

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