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Financial Account Holds

If you have reached this site because funds in a financial account have been seized, please read below.

Your accounts have been frozen because you or another account holder was sued, a judgment was obtained, and the judgment creditor requested a court-appointed receiver to enforce the judgment.  THE RECEIVER WAS NOT INVOLVED IN NOTIFYING YOU ABOUT THE LAWSUIT OR OBTAINING THE JUDGMENT AGAINST YOU.  WE DO NOT REPRESENT THE CREDITOR.  All notices in the lawsuit (service of process and court judgment notices) occurred prior to our appointment.  JUDGMENTS DO NOT APPEAR ON CREDIT REPORTS AND LAST FOR TEN YEARS.  The debt or matter underlying the judgment may have fallen off your credit report, but as long as the judgment is valid, it may be enforced.

Our office provides the judgment and order of appointment to every defendant after verifying their identity.  This is necessary to avoid the improper disclosure of sensitive information to third parties.

We understand that a bank freeze can be very frustrating.  It results in many defendants calling us repeatedly throughout the process, which in turn creates a very high call volume.  The outcome of your situation is heavily fact-dependent, and we must look at each situation to determine how it can be resolved.


The fastest path to releasing your bank account is to visit our dedicated receivership website at If you fully complete the online process and provide information as required by the court order, you will be able to download the court documents and will be automatically placed into a call queue to be contacted as soon as we can verify details with your financial institution.  This typically occurs within one to two business days.  There is no faster process for this to occur.


If the online process does not work for you, you may email us at with your full name, the name(s) of any joint account holder, the name of the bank, a call-back number, and the times you are available for a return call.  We have several people monitoring this email address and will return your call as soon as possible.  If you call our office at (210) 963-5733 during normal business hours and are unable to reach a representative, please leave a detailed message with the same information.  Our messages are checked constantly and compiled into a return call list.  Once your identity has been confirmed, an email will be sent to you with the relevant court documents and a link to a form that you may complete in order to resolve the judgment. 

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