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We specialize in recovering real and personal property damage throughout the State of Texas.   We handle claims of all sizes - from small auto accidents all the way up to large commercial claims involving product liability.  Texas has almost eighteen hundred justice, county and district courts - more than any other state - and navigating them is our speciality.  We also manage the defense of accident claims on behalf of insurance companies.



Americans migrating to Texas in the nineteenth century used to carve "GTT" - which stood for "Gone to Texas" - on their doors when they left.  It told their creditors that they had escaped from their debts, and not to bother pursuing them to the Lone Star State.  For as long as there's been a Texas, it's been difficult to collect a debt (or even a judgment) here.  But there are remedies available for creditors who retain experienced attorneys that know the ins and outs of Texas collection law.  We can help.



Judges have a limited toolbox in enforcing their civil money judgments.  Wage garnishment is prohibited, bank garnishments are prohibitively expensive, and Texas has expansive real and personal property exemptions.  However, the Texas Turnover Statute allows judges, upon a creditor's request, to appoint a turnover receiver to enforce the judgment.  A turnover receiver can quickly and efficiently find non-exempt assets and work with a judgment debtor to come to the table to find a reasonable path to satisfying the judgment.  Our attorneys are dedicated to efficient, thorough, and compassionate administration of turnover receiverships.  



The Noack Law Firm is founded on the twin principles of service and knowledge.  We exist to serve our clients, and we serve our clients by becoming their go-to experts for Texas legal matters. 

Carolyn Noack has practiced insurance subrogation and defense for over fifteen years.  Since establishing her own firm nine years ago, she has represented general and specialty carriers throughout Texas in recovering property loss.  With extensive first-chair jury trial experience, she has an unparalleled ability to assess the merits of a case, so that she can effectively determine whether settlement is right for her client.

Craig Noack has over fifteen years of experience dedicated to creditor representation in state and bankruptcy courts throughout Texas.  Craig spent over ten years in-house with some of the largest specialty finance companies in the U.S. and managed nationwide legal collections for a publicly-traded company.  Twice, he's built legal collections departments from scratch that met or exceeded all financial models within the first year.  He doesn't just know the law - he understands your bottom line.  He is a recognized expert on Texas collections law, as well as the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and related statutes.







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